So self image. Well I actually have a good self image. I like who I am and accept all parts of my body. It was not always this way however.

When I was a teen and in my 20's I hated having my photo taken because I did not like how I look.

It took years to get past it, but I did and for many years now I've literally not cared what others think of how I look.

It is to the point that I have even posed nude for photos that where published on the internet. This despite the fact that with my extreme size, a certain part of my body don't look all that big.

As well I now have a lot of scars on my belly and still have no issue with people seeing this.

I think it helped that when I was living with my family my Dad, Brother and I would actually walk around the house nude after 9PM at night. We would even sit there and watch TV naked.

Mom however had issues and would never have been undressed in front of us all for one reason or the other. But everyone is different.

 I have in my 30's and 40's many times been to nude friendly locations and spent the day or a weekend at these places. I think (pardon the pun) exposure therapy works well for improving body image. The more you are around others in the skin so to speak, the less you care about what others think about your body.

I have the belief that most of our body image issues are from the fact that the media and entertainment has made fun of people who are not "perfect" for many years. The reality that still today body shaming is acceptable in movies and TV shows does not help at all.

The image of what is supposed to be the perfect form distorts the minds of the young and being there is no possibility for most people to look like the models we see, they think they are ugly and can't accept their body.

Now there is a preferred body type for most people, but this has nothing to do with accepting people for who they are and accepting yourself for who you are - it is an attraction that most people can't actually help but have.

I think it's time to start teaching the young that they have the right to love themselves and to not accept the unobtainable body images that they see all the time, as being presented as "beautify and sexy". We need to make them realize that we people come in all shapes, sizes, colours and gender identity - as well as sexualities, and it's OK to not be what others think you should be.

Please try to love yourself for who and what you are. If it does no harm to others, it is acceptable. You are worthy of love and respect. You are valued. You matter. Love who you are.

P.S. I chose the title for a reason...


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