Monday, January 15, 2018

Woot Lost 7 LBS

Yup did very well this week, the week before starting this month however was a +11.6 lbs and kind of an atrocity. This upcoming Friday will be another Oh Dang moment I'm sure as I have eaten 8 chocolate bars, 6 boxes of pop-tarts and a big bag of candy. To top it off in the next 2 days I'm kind of sure that I'll have finished 2 more boxes of Pop-tarts for a total of 48 of the dang things and at 200 calories each that is 9,600 calories. The bars and the candy is maybe another 4K - so ya know... Not to mention eating a vast amount of sugar makes you hold water weight - so it's a double hit.

I don't know if I will extend the bean purge another month and try hard to not mess it all up or not. Maybe next month it's back to the chicken and bean thing I been doing for 2 years. It is not as good as the bean purge vegetarian thing, but it still kind of works when I don't mess up on it.

Yeah - that's 3 blogs in a row mentioning how I messed it all up - sigh. But I'm done now - back to something completely different.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Well OOPS AKA Losing Weight Is Hard

So here I am ordering my Hemp Oil and I want some stuff to go with it. Well, I looked and found some coupon codes that where going to expire the next day (3 of them). It allowed you to get the 3 snack foods about for $1 each. Normally they are $2 or $3 each. So I got 6 boxes of Pop-Tarts (3 kinds - box boxes of each kind), 2 4 packs of Coffee Crisp Bars (normal sized - not small ones) and Reese's Pieces bits.

Well I have to say Coffee Crisp is my fave kind of candy bar of all time. The bits are just there because I wanted to try them and the Pop-Tarts, well they just rock. So I say to myself "this will last the rest of the month". I guess I forgot somehow that I literally CAN'T be trusted with sugar. 4 days later there are 2 boxes of Pop-Tarts left and the rest is a distant memory.

I mean I sat there and eat till my tummy hated me. I'm such a weak willed person if I don't eliminate the temptation you see. So I got this plan to never get more of this stuff. That will of course last as long as my memory of this does and that won't be more than a few months - then it's oh look ad-on items.

See last week I lost 7.0 LBS and was happy about it - the fact that that would have been 9 is I did not have that Pizza kind of gives me pause though (large pizza, 4 topping, extra cheese). Now this. I am not going to do well on Friday when I step on the scale. It will be an up not a down I'm sure. I had this hope of losing 10 lbs this month as I was on the bean purge again. I'm kind of sure there might be a 10 lb total drop but with the offset of the up's I will have (2 weeks ago an up as well) I am sure it won't be 10 lbs down.

God I wish I had the ability to just stick to it and not do stupid things. But in the end being the month started with 11.6 lbs up It's kind of not possible for me to drop a total of 10 lbs this month now. After my impressive 7 down I am still up 4.6 in the long run. It will literally be a miracle if I'm not up 3 or more this week.

But over the long term (3 years) I'm down 136 so it's still a win to me. I just think this last year and less than 30 down over it is a bit of a sad point. I have been wildly up and down all year. I need to get back in a good place and stop this crap.

Yes we all need a yummy meal now and then but to oink out for a week non stop on pizza and poutine is not something we should do. To end this blog, I have to say it's the 2nd hardest thing I have ever done trying to lose a lot of weight. It's a constant fight with addiction to food and the temptation of ordering in or tossing junk food in the cart.

Pop-Tart Review AKA Lets Cram These In Our Mouth

 Strawberry was the first one I tied into. I used to love this as a kid and as it was Mom's fave it was the only one we got most of the time. (3/5)
 Cookies and Creme. Well this is my new fave pop-tart of all time. This was amazingly good. In fact it's the best thing other than coffee I've put in my mouth in almost a year. (5/5)
 Chocolate Chip. Well this was Dad's fave back in the day. We did not have it that often though as some how Mom thought that Strawberry was better for us LOL. (4/5)
 Well I got 6 8 pack of these things and thought to myself "this will last me the rest of the month". Sigh. My fat ass has 2 boxes left out of 6 and this is 4 days in. So YUP I eat a box a day. So much for "a treat now and then" - more like "lets shove all these in our mouth and then wonder why we don't feel well". But I've learned I can't be trusted with sugar and NOT get get any more. Next Friday the weigh in will suck I'm sure.

3 Days of Bean Soup

 Day 1 Italian Tomato Bean Soup (Monday)
 Day 2 Italian Mushroom Bean Soup (Tuesday)
 Day 3 Chili Tomato Bean Soup (Wednesday)
Top to bottom Day 1 to 3 (Small containers used for day 3 are a bit hard to see). My cold packs are on the lowest shelf. After eating black beans for days I've decided I dislike them kind of a lot and may never get them again. Most of the rest of the month will be either Chick Peas or 5 Bean Mix. Oh at the very top is tonight's eats - I literally just had it 1/2 an hour ago. I stay up late and thus eat late (It's 11:10 pm right now).

Making a Mystery Playlist of Songs From Facebook Links

So in Chrome I will snag songs people have posted from YouTube into a folder called Listen2. If you click the link and drag it to the folder and drop it in there, it only save the URL and NOT the name of the song from the post. I then wait 2 or 3 days and go back to the list one at a time and get a Mystery playlist to listen to. Normally I go 10 or 12 at a time like this.

Sugar Man AKA I'm Glad I Found This Music

I ran into some good music documentaries on Cable one of them seemed interesting from the description "Searching For Sugar Man". Well I recorded it and 2 days later I watched it in awe. Like all music docs it has some of the music playing threw the movie. Well I fell in love with the sound.

Here is the story. Rodriguez was all they knew the guy by. He had cut the album in the USA and it was a flop for some reason (listening to it I literally can't understand why it did not take off). It made it's way to South Africa and ended up copied on tape many times and finally somehow got pressed as an LP in the South African market. Even with the fact that it was a banned for airplay album it managed to sell 1/2 a million copies or more. The bootleg copies well outnumbering the store purchased ones of course.

Many people there had heard of him and decades later someone went looking to see who this man was. There where rumors of his death in several manners and all thought he was dead. Well they found him alive and well thanks to his daughter who responded to a web page in their message board.

They ended up putting him on tour in South Africa to sold out venues of thousands of people. The fact that he spent most of his life not even knowing he was a super star did not seen to phase him at all and he seems to have taken it all in stride.

Cut to now there are 2 albums available - the original Cold Fact and the modern Looking For Sugar Man. Below is a list of the songs on both. I found it on Google Play Music and picked them both up. I'm very glad I did. Rodriguez is one of the most profoundly competent writers of songs that I have ever encountered. The music has deep feeling and meaning and paints a story that is vivid and easy to comprehend.

It is much like Dylan but in my mind one a greater level of talent. The story goes that he has not kept most of the money that the new found fame has brought him, instead he has given it away. He has spent most of his life working hard for what little he has and is happy to stay in his old house in a rundown part of Detroit.

All I know is that his music has enriched my life with it's well written words and pleasant backing of music. It's well worth looking him up and you can find a few of the songs on YouTube. I hope you find it and enjoy it as much as I did. Peace and have a good day.

Cold Fact
1. Sugar Man (3:49)
2. Only Good For Conversation (2:24)
3. Crucify Your Mind (2:32)
4. This Is Not a Song, It’s An Outburst Or The Establishment Blues (2:06)
5. Hate Street Dialogue (2:33)
6. Forget It (1:50)
7. Inner City Blues (3:26)
8. I Wonder (2:34)
9. Like Janis (2:36)
10. Gommorah (A Nursery Rhyme) (5:48)
11. Rich Folks Hoax (3:05)
12. Jane S. Piddy (3:02)
13. I’ll Slip Away (2:20)
14. You’d Like To Admit It (2:34)

Searching For Sugar Man
1. Sugar Man (3:47)
2. Crucify Your Mind (2:30)
3. Cause (5:28)
4. I Wonder (2:34)
5. Like Janis (2:35)
6. This Is Not a Song, It’s An Outburst Or The Establishment Blues (2:06)
7. Can’t Get Away (3:53)
8. I Think Of You (3:23)
9. Inner City Blues (3:25)
10. Sandrevan Lullaby – Lifestyles (6:36)
11. Street Boy (3:46)
12. A Most Disgusting Song (4:46)
13. I’ll Slip Away (2:50)
14. Jane S. Piddy (3:00)

Saturday, January 13, 2018

After A Long Climb Out of the Darkness

I once sat here and wondered what the hell twist of fate caused this all to happen and why is it happening to me. Other days I am so lucky to be alive and have the things and people I have in my life that I can’t express it in words. Most of the time however, I sit here passing the time with anything that will distract me long enough to keep me from wanting to just crawl back in bed and sleep till my body hurts from being in bed to long.

Honest to God if I have the strength to go on if I need it, but the strange thing is I spend more of it making others feel better. Somehow this gives me more of a will to keep on keeping on than if I just spent all that energy on myself.

If it was not for the darkness I don’t think I would know the daylight even existed, so it too is a blessing. Life is a struggle when you have little money. But my needs are met and somehow when I had a lot more money – when I worked – I was a lot less happy.

In the past I did sit and wonder about it all. Today most of the time I don’t think about it. I know the medication does something but to be honest most of it was me pulling myself out of the dark hole that was life in the day.

18 years ago, I started to have too much pain to work all day. It was the beginning of the end of life as I knew it and sent me into a spiral for a time. Then came a clime up the mountain to where I am today. Yes, some days I do want to just lay in bed and let the day go away, but most of the time I just want to watch some YouTube videos and talk with my friends on Facebook.

It’s not that I could not survive without the ability to be online with my friends around the world, but it makes life brighter. What made me want to go on came from within and now I spend most of the energy I used to spend on myself fighting the dark on others who need a smile.

Even when I am angry as hell and I want to scream, I put on the camera and put a funny spin on how I rant and rail about those things that push me a bit too far. I will never be the angry person I once was many years ago and I will never just lay there for day ever again – that is if I have a choice.

But the pain in my body gets in the way of being full on happy – yes it does take the shine off the chrome as it where. But I can still smile and be glad for the day, even if I am so dang tired for days on end. Instead of wanting to try and sleep off this never ending tired I feel some days, I fight it and watch a movie or two and talk with friends and enjoy the hell out of a day that I am sure 18 years ago I would have just skipped.

I also put on a brave face in the day and smiled for the world, but today I often don’t have to fake that smile. I honestly can’t say why though. I don’t know what changed or when, but it did change. So now I sit here after watching a movie that I feel lucky to have seen, I fight the tired feeling and type these words. Yes soon I will have to give in and lay down, or I will literally fall down – I have made that mistake before. But for a moment, I will just sit here and say – “Life is freaking good even if my body is broken”.

I love you all and I am glad you are in my life. Hugs and thanks for all you have done for me over the years – perhaps that is half of my salvation from the darkness, my friends. Well I will post this and go to my bed for an hour or so. This tired feeling is not fixed with sleep and in fact I won’t be able to – but dang it drains me at times. I just wish there was something, anything that could be done. Oh well, life goes on and the sun will shine again and so will I – once again, HUGS ALL I LOVE YA.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Drinking On New Years Eve (LOL)

 So woke up at about Noonish and had 12 cups of coffee and some hot wings. Later at about 5pm I had 1/2 a large pizza and some coke to drink.
 Later on it was a dram or 7 or Devil's Cut.
At about 10 pm switched to Hiram Walker Special Old and drank till 4 am. Must have had 15 or 18 OZ of the last one and had to crawl to bed. Being I have a strange tolerance to booze I would recommend you never drink this much EVER. All in all I had no hangover the next day and kind of wondered why LOL.

The thing is I will more than likely not drink for another 6 months if at all. Whiskey seems to bother my tummy now even with just a little of it. So might just give it up. Being that beer bothers my Fibromyalgia and causes a great deal of pain - that won't happen either.

In any event, stay safe and never drive drunk EVER.

Trying Dollar Shave Club for Men

So started in on the Shave Club for Men. I have seen several people love it for the price you pay.

See with the blades I was using (5 blade system) I was spending on average of $18 a month. On this system it's more like $7.22 a month. That is a big saving over the year.

The blades are a bit rough on my skin as it's sensitive as hell - a lot more so than the vast majority of men's skin. That being said, the shave was actually better than the old system I was using. The down side though is this would more than likely cut my head off if I dry shaved and yes I know you should literally never do this.

Being that I only shave every 2 or 3 days I'm going to get them every other month instead of each month. This will be a god send as the price then drops even lower and it's $3.61 a month (after taxes). See the difference here? That is a large saving and worth the minor irritation on my skin that lasts a couple hours.

I shaved the first time (yesterday) with shaving lotion and the next time I'll be using liquid soup like several of my friends do just to see if I can get away with doing that and not have the added expense of shave cream as it's rather a lot more than liquid hand and face soap.

I would give this a try on my head, but I have stopped shaving the thing as I literally can't get it all and it leaves lines on the back of my head that look strange as hell. I have deep lines in the skin so it's not possible to get into them - a minus for being as big as I am I guess.

As well kind of sure that manscaping might be not something I would do with these blades.

All in all I'm going to give them 4/5 for the awesome value and the great shave but it loses a point for the razor burn.

Try it out here: HERE

Bean Purge Part 2 - Lazy Bean Soup for a Month

 Time for another round of the "bean purge". I am trying to give it a better go this month then for sure next month back to chicken and beans instead of just beans and veggies. You see above a months worth of beans.
 You see here a months worth of soup to use with the beans. Too bad my salt level will be kind of high threw this all, but I'm not willing to go threw soaking the beans every day of my life and so on.
 Here is 2 days worth of bean mix (the old kind with the tomatoes in it instead of the soup).
 OK here is day 1 - Mushroom bean lazy soup stuff.
 OK day 2 - tomato lazy bean soup stuff.
First I fire down this "mini-poutine the size of my head" then I start in with the veggies. I'm really trying not to cheat much this month like I did last month. I mean I has a week long feed of junk food and ended up very much up in weight instead of down. Sigh. Give me strength Lord because I really don't have much of that. I'm setting a goal of 10 LBS this month - last month I set it at 15 and fell short - for a darn good reason - sigh.

Pain Medication Seeking - The Other Side of the Coin

My last blog on the topic was about a person I am convinced (and so are others) is a drug seeker. Well this is about the other side of the coin from the point of view of myself at one time and all too many others I know of that suffer Chronic pain and illness that is not believed by all doctors.

As Michael in his comment to my other blog mentions a lot of people in the realm of chronic pain end up doing things they would not normally do to kill the pain. When it becomes more than you can manage and it is crushing your life what can you do? The only options are death or scoring off the street. This is a sad reality in our society.

Thank God that my pain for the most part is managed at the moment. There where times where for weeks on end I had nothing to look forward to but pain and more pain. I used to get severe flairs that would end me up in bed for days on end and I could not do anything without it becoming worse.

I was fortunate to have a doctor at that time who would prescribe strong medication. Thus I tried a lot of different forms of medication threw his help. Turns out that most of the narcotic pain meds I tried did very little and just made me feel like crap emotionally and mentally. I did not need that at all added to the pain that was not controlled. BTW yes we found one but it was not covered so I could not afford it at the high price of it.

The thing is I was only in need of strong pain meds for a short time then they would sit there on the fridge until I took them back months later to the pharmacy to be deposed of. But what of those who do need them every day of their life?

I know several people because of social media and in real life that suffer a lot more than I ever did. For them pain is never controlled and it's a matter of trying to beg for higher dosages.

Because of an increasing problem with addiction to prescription pain meds, the doctors have decided that there is a reasonable cap to put on dosage and that it should be very difficult to get pain medication on a long term basis.

This is where a pain specialist comes in (I have never been to one and at this time don't need one). They are the ones who decide what you need and if you are a risk for abusing the drugs.

Here is the rub as it where. One of the reasons they may think you are a pill seeker and not actually in pain is a deep understanding of your condition and the ability to talk about it in medical terms. Well turns out this bites people who WANT to know what is happening to them in the butt at times.

I know I have looked up about every thing I could find on Fibromyalgia. Being it's a confusing web of information that is sometimes contradictory to other studies, I have not found it much use to me with the exception of diet - Cutting out beef and pork for the most part has made a large impact on the pain levels.

Now to get back to those who need the medication for the rest of their life. What happens when the doctor says "more will be toxic to your system and we can't give you more"?

What happens is they take more anyway and and up running out of them. Then they are stuck with a vast amount of pain and no relief and the temptation to score it in a bar some place is very tempting I am told.

There are regulations in place where I live that are such that you can't just keep ramping up dosage unless certain situations are at play and they are almost never met. This has left people I know suffering with intense pain at times and no way to relieve it.

On a personal note the hemp oil I was told to try has been working like a charm but is an expense out of pocket to me and I have limited income. For most people I am talking about this is not an option as the pain is to a level that is just too great.

I know many people who chose to break the law in regards to using pot to manage pain and the majority of them find it helps a great deal. For me personally THC is very bad for me and I avoid it like crazy. Yes the "hemp oil" is made from cannabis but the THC has been eliminated from it threw breading of the plants.

A number of people I know are going to be very happy when the law changes and they are able to legally obtain the pot they need.

Still there are people I know of that this is not an option that has worked for them and they are left suffering a great deal of pain that can no longer be managed on the dosage they are on. The ones I know personally do NOT choose to score it off the street as some do.

For those who do break the law to get the meds they need they run a great risk of it being not what they need or being contaminated with something that could be very harmful to them.

There has to be some kind of balance we can find in this situation where people get what they need and the ones who become addicted are treated in a quick and meaningful manner. We can't just keep ignoring people who are suffering a great deal of pain as in increasing numbers they are choosing to end their lives. This is also a tragic ending not just the ones who become addicted.

From what I see though, the public and the government can only see the addiction end of the spectrum and refuse to see the suffering this is causing. More needs to be done and soon.

I'm interested in hearing from you in the comments. Peace.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Drug Seeker?

May become demanding and assertive.
The person became very demanding of me as to what medication I was prescribed and what the name of the doctor was who gave me the pain medication. It was 4 in the morning and I had not slept for a long time at that point. I had not been to the pharmacy yet and thus did not know what the medication was or remember the name of the doctor. I could not read the prescription form at all and could not answer her. After six times of repeating her questions to me in increasingly more demanding terms, she then got mad and claimed, you must not care if people are in pain and dont want to help them (this ties into another of the factors in this list).

Will try to strong-arm the doctor, or play on the doctor's sympathies.
As mentioned above tried to first strong arm me into telling her the name of the doctor and name of the pain medication. She also did this with another person I know and was upset when he told her other than what she wanted to hear. Her significant other is also very much falling for this claim she needs industrial pain medication. His emotions have been manipulated to the point several people he knows (including myself) have figured out what is happening with his change in attituded. He, like her, is aggressive in seeking pain medication for her.

May exhibit a high level of knowledge of controlled substances.
This person has a great deal of knowledge of what various kinds of pain medications will do for her. In talking with her she knew what she wanted and why she wanted it. Without looking them up she was able to say the side effects and benefits of the medications to her situation as she presented it.

Will request a specific drug and does not want to change to a different drug.
She had a specific drug she wanted to obtain and tried to get me to get that same medication from my doctor. Even after telling her many times that my doctor will not proscribe narcotics she kept telling me to ask for the drug by name and told me to insist on it. I cant imagine why she wanted me to get that certain drug well I can speculate but I cant be sure.

Will go from doctor to doctor, or hospital to hospital.
Has claimed to have been to most doctors not only in this city but in another city as well and a couple in a third city. She complained that all of them where unwilling to give her what she wanted and that they where wrong about her situation. She also claimed that most of them just think she is looking for drugs and dont care that she is in pain. The fact that there is testing for her condition and that her claims that the tests wont work on her because of the length of time she has had the condition are false. The testing will work years and even decades after infection and in fact the opposite is true, too soon after infection and the tests will fail to say you are infected. Her other claims that it has left my blood and gone into the muscles is nonsensical. The blood will carry markers of infection in the body from many sources and in fact the test is for these immune response markers.

* Can either explain his or her medical history completely or is very vague about medical history. *
Has memorized the condition and the effects she claims it has on her. Now this one is one that can be counted as silly in someone that has been sick as long as she claims to be. After years of the same illness you do know by memory what is happening to you and when it happened as you hare recited it so dang many times in the past I know this first hand with my 18 years of having Fibromyalgia. In fact, I dont know why this is in the list, it represents literally most people that are seeking help from a doctor.

Is not interested in his or her diagnosis and has no interest in further testing or referrals.
Similar situation as she claims that testing will no longer work on her because of how long she has had the condition. The fact as stated before that the condition does not have a maximum time frame for testing is a point that angers her when mentioned. She sticks to what she claims to be wrong and demands the treatment that she wants and will not listen to others in any way about alternatives.

To sum it all up I am aware quite well from years of dealing with a family member that would do anything to get prescription pain medication just what to look for and it became very evident to me after her confrontation of me the one night that she was without a doubt just looking for drugs. Her story on simple investigation does not hold up and can be proven to be false. Others I know have been asked to help her in the quest for getting narcotic pain medication. Very soon after knowing me (minutes after) she asked about doctors who prescribed pain medication this was also the same with two other people I know.

I do realize that sometimes people who are desperate to get treatment can appear to be seekers and fall threw the cracks, but in this case it does very clearly indicate this is not the case.

Resource for Chronic Pain Suffers in Saskatchewan:

13 Reasons I Have Been Blocked Over the Years

1 For saying sex feels good.
2 Because the woman was starting to like me more than her husband.
3 For saying I was not sexually attracted to skinny people.
4 For being bisexual.
5 For saying I think Trump sucks.
6 For telling someone sexual assault is not funny.
7 For using the word F**K – this was by a woman who was addicted to sex BTW.
8 Saying the CFL is better than the NFL.
9 For not blocking someone a person stopped being friends with (would not take sides).
10 For saying there is more than one way to God and you don’t need to be a Christian to get into heaven.
11 For saying everyone deserves the same health coverage.
12 For drinking on camera.
13 For saying I hate Apple products.

In all these cases I got either a public or private message bitching out of great length before they blocked me. Nothing says winner like posting a rant then blocking someone LOL.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Slow Upload Speed Today

OK took about 90 Min to upload my vlog today. Normally it would be about 10 min to do this. Sooo... Yup YouTube was slow today. Now and then it just is and it won't matter if it's peek time or the middle of the night - it will slow right down. All I know is I'm very glad most of the time I get a nice fast upload. But this kept it up all day today as the 2 Tag Videos I uploaded ended up doing the exact same thing - taking a great deal of time to upload. So it was an all day thing I guess.

Weight Loss Atrocity

Well the holidays bit me in the butt. So I pilled on 11.6 lbs. Sure most of this will more than likely drop off by next Friday as it's water weight from the processed meats, but dang I over did it. I got to say though, it was all kinds of fun to do. 
This was Sunday (New Years Eve). A large 2 topping pizza, 2 L coke, 10 hot wings, Some crust dip and a lava cake. Well the wings and lava cake died at noon. The pizza died over the rest of the day starting at about 4 PM. The last slice of pizza met it's end at about 1 AM.

I also drank around 18 OZ of Whisky in the process with the coke. I'm actually amazed I was not hungover the next day. I mean I only drink every 3 to 6 months, so it should have messed me up more. But in the end I did spend like 10 hours drinking all that, so there is that (and I'm a very big man).

In all 5 days this week I have had some kind of large amount of processed meat in some form or another, not to mention a bunch of carbs. So not all of this is water weight, some of it is fat as well. We will see how much come next week won't we. Won't post the chart as I only post that once a month or two.

All I know is there won't be a loft goal of 15 LBS this month like I had for last month (Lost but not that much). I'ma go for 10 lbs this month. Lets see, if the water weight all comes off I met my goal LOL.

Mystery Card in the Mail

Yuppers, this was in the mail the other day with my name and address on it. So far no one has claimed they sent it LOL. There is no return address and it's from the UK. I suspect who sent it, but can't be sure. The thing is the card has a name signed to it I don't know and it to "Jeff and Family" LOL. So Unless some strange thing happened where it got switched in the process of getting here, I have not one clue what happened here. There are of course several possibilities - but you get to guess them LOL. All I know is I'm never going to know who this is from and who the heck Jeff and Family are HA.

Second Guessing Ordering Coffee

OK so I ordered this and 1 other as they where recommended to me (You will love this Dave). I changed my mind and tried to cancel it. Well that ended up in 1 of the 2 (the other one) being canceled and this one not being as it was already being processed. It's all my fault as I left it 8 hours instead of when I first thought "Maybe next GST month". So no instead of free shipping there is $6 of shipping (almost) and the $15 coffee.

Oh well I'll enjoy the hell out of it and instead of $35 I'm spending like $21(ish). Being GST month I end up with $193.25 more than other months - so it's all good. It's just that I have ordered my supplements and some pop-tarts on a different order (free shipping FTW). I did also spend a great deal on food and drink this last 2 weeks, so there is that.

On the other hand I spent $51 (or so) too much on my phone bill 2 months ago so I was $51(ish) up this month and that almost payed for the whisky (yup that is spelled correctly). So now I got like $280 in the bank left for the month and need to save $20 of subscription fees and I need a bit more coffee (inexpensive kind), Veggies, Butt Paper and some Tomatoes. This will be like $30(ish) so it's all good and I won't have an expense for anything other then that all month. So I'm good.

Still can't help but think "Should have waited till next GST month". Oh well - no regrets I will enjoy the hell out of it - WOOT.

Trying To Make Sense of Canada Post

So timeline is on the right, from bottom to top is the order it goes in. So 1 is Calgary where it was sent from and a place that HAS a sorting facility. 2 Is a 45 min drive from me (Regina). The item goes from 1 (not sorted) and hits 2 then is sent to 3 (Mississauga, ON) for sorting. If you drive NON STOP it's more than a day to get to Moose Jaw from 3. Yet it tells me I'm getting it today LOL. This being the 5th of Jan, 2018. So maybe if I am VERY lucky I will get it Monday, but I'm expecting it will get here Tuesday. With all this, I know there are only a few sorting facilities left, but it was IN ONE TO START WITH. Sigh. So I have to wonder why in the world it was sent thousands of KM away to be sorted? Did they think I might get the package too soon and decided that can't happen? LOL. This does not make sense. This is for my Hemp oil and pop-tarts I ordered. I got not one clue where the heck my Shave Club for Men package is, as there was no tracking info for it. Also hope it gets here in a week - I'm on my last blade for the old shaver.

Irish Cream Treat I Had

 This was nummy to say the least. My tummy on the other hand did not seem to like it that day. Then again I been a bit out of sorts with the tummy for a couple of weeks now. Also drinking Whiskey seems to bother the hell out of my tummy so I more than likely will just give it even though it is sooo dang tasty. But it's also expensive and a bit of a waste of cash in the end if you think about value per volume. Anyway, these where on sale for $2 a box so I got them.

Kaleidoscope Art Yet Again