This is for Anxiety ridden people such as myself and many others I know. When it was very bad and I could not leave the house, I got all of these and more said to me. Pills work, but they made me feel like I was floating away and I hated it - I could not think on them. Now it's way better, but still a thing in my life. Cannabis oil (no THX) seems to have helped it kind of a lot and the amount to attacks are very much down and the extreme attacks don't really happen any more - just small ones. But trust me, no one with Anxiety can just snap out of it or just push threw it if it's bad enough, it will cripple them.


  1. Yes and if you tell people they need to think about things or to tell them what could happen you are branded a pessimist. People do need to think about the future and what could happen so they can take what action they can and help themselves when the time comes. People who refuse to think about anything negative or unpleasant do themselves no favors. We do need to help ourselves, but with the things we can nothing about, we need to pray for a better outcome.

    1. Yeah it's amazing how many people I know that refuse to think about the bad stuff and when it happens it crushes them. They don't seem to realize that Anxiety will happen if I'm thinking about flowers and kittens - it just happens for no reason. But yes, best to think about what can be and plan for it if you can.


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