Prevent Things From Going Missing Sigh

So this is in the laundry room and well, it's just a good idea to not just leave things around. The majority of people seem to toss things in the machine and go back to the apartment and leave it. I never do this.

Years ago I had some freak take literally ALL my socks from the dryer. After that I have always stayed be the machine until it was done. I am not going to trust people not to be taking my things.

That being said, it's a sad reality that this sign is needed at all. When I was young we could trust people not to take things, in fact it was very uncommon when I was a kid for people to steal stuff. Now if you look away for 10 seconds it's gone.

I don't know if anyone here has ever had it happen, but I'm not going to just trust people. There is WiFi in the basement, so I play on my phone and wait for the machines to finish. I also do a little walking at times - as I tend to do it late at night and no one else is there.


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