What's New In The Apartment

 Got a new night stand and put it together today. I like it but the top is less deep than the old one, still at least the drawer is not coming apart like the old one was.
 This is the old night stand and the new one on the other side. The drawer is broken so there is nothing in it and I have it sort of fixed to not fall apart, but it can't be used as a drawer no more. But it holds Pusheenicorn and Kleenex, so it's of use.
 This little chair was where the old night stand used to be since I moved in and I had the Kleenex and both Pusheenicorns on it - now it's in the living room. I need to vacuum it and my easy chair.
 Put my multi charger on the floor by the chair - I might see if I can get something to put under it just in case it fails, so it won't melt the carpet or something. Not worried about it really, but you never know. I had to put a longer cord on to use the phone while charging though.
 So the fridge has a plastic top on it, so I can't put the microwave on it. This left it in a corner of the counter and I had no place to plug in everything at once. The solution was a plug tap. It gives me enough plugins now. I will never be in a situation where all 3 are on at the same time, so it will be fine.


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