Weight Loss Atrocity

Well the holidays bit me in the butt. So I pilled on 11.6 lbs. Sure most of this will more than likely drop off by next Friday as it's water weight from the processed meats, but dang I over did it. I got to say though, it was all kinds of fun to do. 
This was Sunday (New Years Eve). A large 2 topping pizza, 2 L coke, 10 hot wings, Some crust dip and a lava cake. Well the wings and lava cake died at noon. The pizza died over the rest of the day starting at about 4 PM. The last slice of pizza met it's end at about 1 AM.

I also drank around 18 OZ of Whisky in the process with the coke. I'm actually amazed I was not hungover the next day. I mean I only drink every 3 to 6 months, so it should have messed me up more. But in the end I did spend like 10 hours drinking all that, so there is that (and I'm a very big man).

In all 5 days this week I have had some kind of large amount of processed meat in some form or another, not to mention a bunch of carbs. So not all of this is water weight, some of it is fat as well. We will see how much come next week won't we. Won't post the chart as I only post that once a month or two.

All I know is there won't be a loft goal of 15 LBS this month like I had for last month (Lost but not that much). I'ma go for 10 lbs this month. Lets see, if the water weight all comes off I met my goal LOL.


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