Windows 10 RANT

So dang it all to heck it reset while I was typing yet again. Windows 10 is junk and ignores your settings. I set the time to tell it the PC is busy at this time frame and it ignores it. I went to the advanced tab and clicked the nicely hidden box that says "show more notifications" that is supposed to warn you it's going to rest. None of this helped at all. It just up and resets with no warning at all - BOINK rest time...

Then there is the matter of it CONSTANTLY restring my file associations. I will never in my life desire windows media or any other Micro$oft junk to play video or audio files - I have a much better tool for that. Ever last time the thing updates (ever 2nd or 3rd day) it sets them back to the crap media player. AHHHHH!

Then there is the start menu and them advertising apps I will never want to install. Yes, I know there is a setting to turn that off - but it keeps coming back after an update. This is so annoying - why the crap do you have a cloud to save our freaking setting in when you ignore the settings and change them to what ever the feck you want?

I swear to GOD if I was not stuck with Windows I would be using a Mac, but that is way too much money for me even used... Not to mention Mac does not run any of the software I use and I can't afford to spend thousands replacing it all with over priced Apple ready products.

I can't even begin to estimate how much lost time I have had because 15 minutes into editing something the PC just up and resets and the work is lost. Yes I know "save your work" - this won't help when you are rendering video and it resets and blows up the render. Sigh.

BTW since you fecking insist on setting the audio file settings back to your junk player, at least let me use my own music I have ripped from CD's I own. After all I used your CRAP program to rip them in the first place, yet they literally won't play in your media player - what the actual hell is that? They worked fine until I "upgraded" to Windows 10. Sigh...


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