Sugar Man AKA I'm Glad I Found This Music

I ran into some good music documentaries on Cable one of them seemed interesting from the description "Searching For Sugar Man". Well I recorded it and 2 days later I watched it in awe. Like all music docs it has some of the music playing threw the movie. Well I fell in love with the sound.

Here is the story. Rodriguez was all they knew the guy by. He had cut the album in the USA and it was a flop for some reason (listening to it I literally can't understand why it did not take off). It made it's way to South Africa and ended up copied on tape many times and finally somehow got pressed as an LP in the South African market. Even with the fact that it was a banned for airplay album it managed to sell 1/2 a million copies or more. The bootleg copies well outnumbering the store purchased ones of course.

Many people there had heard of him and decades later someone went looking to see who this man was. There where rumors of his death in several manners and all thought he was dead. Well they found him alive and well thanks to his daughter who responded to a web page in their message board.

They ended up putting him on tour in South Africa to sold out venues of thousands of people. The fact that he spent most of his life not even knowing he was a super star did not seen to phase him at all and he seems to have taken it all in stride.

Cut to now there are 2 albums available - the original Cold Fact and the modern Looking For Sugar Man. Below is a list of the songs on both. I found it on Google Play Music and picked them both up. I'm very glad I did. Rodriguez is one of the most profoundly competent writers of songs that I have ever encountered. The music has deep feeling and meaning and paints a story that is vivid and easy to comprehend.

It is much like Dylan but in my mind one a greater level of talent. The story goes that he has not kept most of the money that the new found fame has brought him, instead he has given it away. He has spent most of his life working hard for what little he has and is happy to stay in his old house in a rundown part of Detroit.

All I know is that his music has enriched my life with it's well written words and pleasant backing of music. It's well worth looking him up and you can find a few of the songs on YouTube. I hope you find it and enjoy it as much as I did. Peace and have a good day.

Cold Fact
1. Sugar Man (3:49)
2. Only Good For Conversation (2:24)
3. Crucify Your Mind (2:32)
4. This Is Not a Song, It’s An Outburst Or The Establishment Blues (2:06)
5. Hate Street Dialogue (2:33)
6. Forget It (1:50)
7. Inner City Blues (3:26)
8. I Wonder (2:34)
9. Like Janis (2:36)
10. Gommorah (A Nursery Rhyme) (5:48)
11. Rich Folks Hoax (3:05)
12. Jane S. Piddy (3:02)
13. I’ll Slip Away (2:20)
14. You’d Like To Admit It (2:34)

Searching For Sugar Man
1. Sugar Man (3:47)
2. Crucify Your Mind (2:30)
3. Cause (5:28)
4. I Wonder (2:34)
5. Like Janis (2:35)
6. This Is Not a Song, It’s An Outburst Or The Establishment Blues (2:06)
7. Can’t Get Away (3:53)
8. I Think Of You (3:23)
9. Inner City Blues (3:25)
10. Sandrevan Lullaby – Lifestyles (6:36)
11. Street Boy (3:46)
12. A Most Disgusting Song (4:46)
13. I’ll Slip Away (2:50)
14. Jane S. Piddy (3:00)


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