Why Am I Still Asked To Login Now And Then?

So to turn off the log in with a password thing in Windows 10 you hit the search box by the Windows logo and type netplwiz and click the app that shows up in the search results. Then you unclick the box that says "user must enter a username and password to use this computer". Well I have done that and now and then it still makes me log on. Almost every time it does it's when I turn it on and go for mail thinking it will be at the desktop ready to use when I get back. I wonder if this bit of buggy code is by the same programmer(s) that ended up making Windows 10 randomly reset for literally no reason? Then again it resets for updates even after I told it to ask me first and gave it hours to do it that I would never be using the computer - just ignores all that and resets anyways. Don't be telling me how to fix this, because not one of the many "fixes" I have seen out there work. My fave of all time (cough CLICK TRAP) was to delete the video card driver and reinstall it. The page I got that from was not of much use but did have about 20 nice adverts splashed all over it so I could see what to buy with the money I don't have. As well you can see the ONLY user on the system is set to admin - but I have a couple of times run into a situation that say "must be logged in as admin to run this program". Got to wonder what fresh hell that one came out of - good thing there was a work around. Anyways that's it for this Windows 10 rant.


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