Woot Lost 7 LBS

Yup did very well this week, the week before starting this month however was a +11.6 lbs and kind of an atrocity. This upcoming Friday will be another Oh Dang moment I'm sure as I have eaten 8 chocolate bars, 6 boxes of pop-tarts and a big bag of candy. To top it off in the next 2 days I'm kind of sure that I'll have finished 2 more boxes of Pop-tarts for a total of 48 of the dang things and at 200 calories each that is 9,600 calories. The bars and the candy is maybe another 4K - so ya know... Not to mention eating a vast amount of sugar makes you hold water weight - so it's a double hit.

I don't know if I will extend the bean purge another month and try hard to not mess it all up or not. Maybe next month it's back to the chicken and bean thing I been doing for 2 years. It is not as good as the bean purge vegetarian thing, but it still kind of works when I don't mess up on it.

Yeah - that's 3 blogs in a row mentioning how I messed it all up - sigh. But I'm done now - back to something completely different.


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