Drug Seeker?

May become demanding and assertive.
The person became very demanding of me as to what medication I was prescribed and what the name of the doctor was who gave me the pain medication. It was 4 in the morning and I had not slept for a long time at that point. I had not been to the pharmacy yet and thus did not know what the medication was or remember the name of the doctor. I could not read the prescription form at all and could not answer her. After six times of repeating her questions to me in increasingly more demanding terms, she then got mad and claimed, you must not care if people are in pain and dont want to help them (this ties into another of the factors in this list).

Will try to strong-arm the doctor, or play on the doctor's sympathies.
As mentioned above tried to first strong arm me into telling her the name of the doctor and name of the pain medication. She also did this with another person I know and was upset when he told her other than what she wanted to hear. Her significant other is also very much falling for this claim she needs industrial pain medication. His emotions have been manipulated to the point several people he knows (including myself) have figured out what is happening with his change in attituded. He, like her, is aggressive in seeking pain medication for her.

May exhibit a high level of knowledge of controlled substances.
This person has a great deal of knowledge of what various kinds of pain medications will do for her. In talking with her she knew what she wanted and why she wanted it. Without looking them up she was able to say the side effects and benefits of the medications to her situation as she presented it.

Will request a specific drug and does not want to change to a different drug.
She had a specific drug she wanted to obtain and tried to get me to get that same medication from my doctor. Even after telling her many times that my doctor will not proscribe narcotics she kept telling me to ask for the drug by name and told me to insist on it. I cant imagine why she wanted me to get that certain drug well I can speculate but I cant be sure.

Will go from doctor to doctor, or hospital to hospital.
Has claimed to have been to most doctors not only in this city but in another city as well and a couple in a third city. She complained that all of them where unwilling to give her what she wanted and that they where wrong about her situation. She also claimed that most of them just think she is looking for drugs and dont care that she is in pain. The fact that there is testing for her condition and that her claims that the tests wont work on her because of the length of time she has had the condition are false. The testing will work years and even decades after infection and in fact the opposite is true, too soon after infection and the tests will fail to say you are infected. Her other claims that it has left my blood and gone into the muscles is nonsensical. The blood will carry markers of infection in the body from many sources and in fact the test is for these immune response markers.

* Can either explain his or her medical history completely or is very vague about medical history. *
Has memorized the condition and the effects she claims it has on her. Now this one is one that can be counted as silly in someone that has been sick as long as she claims to be. After years of the same illness you do know by memory what is happening to you and when it happened as you hare recited it so dang many times in the past I know this first hand with my 18 years of having Fibromyalgia. In fact, I dont know why this is in the list, it represents literally most people that are seeking help from a doctor.

Is not interested in his or her diagnosis and has no interest in further testing or referrals.
Similar situation as she claims that testing will no longer work on her because of how long she has had the condition. The fact as stated before that the condition does not have a maximum time frame for testing is a point that angers her when mentioned. She sticks to what she claims to be wrong and demands the treatment that she wants and will not listen to others in any way about alternatives.

To sum it all up I am aware quite well from years of dealing with a family member that would do anything to get prescription pain medication just what to look for and it became very evident to me after her confrontation of me the one night that she was without a doubt just looking for drugs. Her story on simple investigation does not hold up and can be proven to be false. Others I know have been asked to help her in the quest for getting narcotic pain medication. Very soon after knowing me (minutes after) she asked about doctors who prescribed pain medication this was also the same with two other people I know.

I do realize that sometimes people who are desperate to get treatment can appear to be seekers and fall threw the cracks, but in this case it does very clearly indicate this is not the case.

Resource for Chronic Pain Suffers in Saskatchewan:



  1. I know people who have such chronic pain that they accept addiction in order to get relief from a degenerative condition, but it is devastating when they for some reason run out and suddenly must endure the full brunt of the pain. They may turn to deep alcoholism as a means of getting relief. It is a destructive cycle that is unbearable to watch, and I know people who have had to watch and were helpless to change things. The government may want to intervene to prevent or stop this, but the consequences are seldom pretty, and the outcome very ugly.

    1. The system does fail but not in this case. It's obvious. But yes there are a lot of people with years of pain that are not medicated or under medicated. It's tragic. I k ow of people who have killed themselves over it. It's the opposite of what I was talking about.


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