Drinking On New Years Eve (LOL)

 So woke up at about Noonish and had 12 cups of coffee and some hot wings. Later at about 5pm I had 1/2 a large pizza and some coke to drink.
 Later on it was a dram or 7 or Devil's Cut.
At about 10 pm switched to Hiram Walker Special Old and drank till 4 am. Must have had 15 or 18 OZ of the last one and had to crawl to bed. Being I have a strange tolerance to booze I would recommend you never drink this much EVER. All in all I had no hangover the next day and kind of wondered why LOL.

The thing is I will more than likely not drink for another 6 months if at all. Whiskey seems to bother my tummy now even with just a little of it. So might just give it up. Being that beer bothers my Fibromyalgia and causes a great deal of pain - that won't happen either.

In any event, stay safe and never drive drunk EVER.


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