Trying To Make Sense of Canada Post

So timeline is on the right, from bottom to top is the order it goes in. So 1 is Calgary where it was sent from and a place that HAS a sorting facility. 2 Is a 45 min drive from me (Regina). The item goes from 1 (not sorted) and hits 2 then is sent to 3 (Mississauga, ON) for sorting. If you drive NON STOP it's more than a day to get to Moose Jaw from 3. Yet it tells me I'm getting it today LOL. This being the 5th of Jan, 2018. So maybe if I am VERY lucky I will get it Monday, but I'm expecting it will get here Tuesday. With all this, I know there are only a few sorting facilities left, but it was IN ONE TO START WITH. Sigh. So I have to wonder why in the world it was sent thousands of KM away to be sorted? Did they think I might get the package too soon and decided that can't happen? LOL. This does not make sense. This is for my Hemp oil and pop-tarts I ordered. I got not one clue where the heck my Shave Club for Men package is, as there was no tracking info for it. Also hope it gets here in a week - I'm on my last blade for the old shaver.


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