Winter Has Changed This Last While

This was actually done up about 5 days ago and I'm just getting to posting it. We now have a light dusting of snow and it's freaking cold out there. That being said, not long ago we used to get a great deal of snow this time of year. For the last 3 or 4 years there has been very little snow and it's been warm most of the winter with cold patches (like today).

I have lived here (in Moose Jaw) most of my 51 years and I can tell you it's not been like this most of the time. I can literally only remember 1 winter with very little snow from when I was younger and only a couple of winters that where warm. I can't remember at all a January where it was above freezing, yet it has done that most of this January.

It's interesting I think. In fact one time about 20 years ago a friend and I almost got stuck at a truck stop in May because it snowed 2 1/2 feet of snow in the 3 hours we where out there. If it was not for a medical emergency would would have been toast and had to stay there over night. But being someone called 911 the snow plow went ahead of the ambulance and we followed the plow back in.


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