I Love Coffee

I love coffee and I think if the doctor told me to quit I'd tell him "guess I'm going to die".

I drink a pile of it though, as in a 12 cup pot ever single day at least, sometimes more.

In the last 25 years I have had at LEAST 125,000 cups of coffee. It kind of ads up when you do the math. I'm sure it's more though, as some times I had more than 12 cups.

I have also spent a vast amount of time in coffee shops over that time frame. Some of the best conversations of my entire life have been over coffee though.

My Mom used to drink 2 or 3 posts of it every single day for decades and never had any problems sleeping. I on the other hand have had sleep problems since I was 10, so it can't be the coffee LOL.

Dad never really drank that much of it in fact almost never drank coffee. I find that interesting being that most people he knew did drink a lot of it.

Most of my friends love coffee. In fact one of them have invested a lot of money into things to make coffee with over the years LOL. At least once in 3 days we will start talking about coffee on Facebook.

Coffee is a large part of my life it seems. If something happened and there was no more coffee I would literally cry.

I've met a lot of interesting and sometimes strange people because of going out for coffee over the years.

Not much more to say other than Coffee is life :)


  1. Only 12 cups, maybe the doc meant, anything over 12 cups.


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