Why I Don’t Think I Have Asperger’s

So, I was told some time back that I had some form of Autism most likely Asperger’s Syndrome. I have come to realize that I don’t think the nice health care professional know what the heck they were talking about. Now I do a few things that can be considered “stimming” and I used to at one time get very upset very easy, but that was when I was not medicated and I’m sure stemmed from a very different mental illness. I also no longer get manic as hell and stay up for 3 days doing what I would at the time think was “great art” only to realize when I came down “this sucks”.

Top 10 signs you have Asperger’s Syndrome

You have inflexible routines
Um NO – I do things at random generally as the mood sparks me.

You have trouble displaying emotion
Um NO – I display emotion better than most people in fact.

You have trouble figuring what is appropriate in social situations
I’ll give you this one, because I just up and start talking about bondage and blurting out swear words.

You lack empathy
Um NO – I am extremely empathetic to the point it’s kind of terrible. I feel all my friends pain and seeing the news will literally have me in tears for the pain I see others in.

You know way too much information about a single topic
Well, YES – And it’s about useless to know as well, so ya know.

You have trouble figuring out when to lie
Um NO – I know exactly when to lie and I’m not one of them delusional people who say “It’s best to never lie”.

You have trouble describing basic emotions
Well – I have no idea how to describe an emotion at all, but I don’t think most people can.

You care way too much about organizing stuff
I’ll also give you this one – Everything needs to be in it’s place, but I won’t get upset as hell if it’s not - I’ll just go put it away.

You have trouble understanding other people’s emotions
Not even close – I have a deep understanding of emotion and the ability to help people deal with them when needed.

You need other people to provide clear schedules and expectations
Not really – I would love it if people would actually stick to a time when they say 2PM and not show up at 3:30PM but I’m willing to go with it. Stuff happens but I am flexible.


  1. Me pretty much the same. I remember when dad died I had no feelings at all. After I had performed my duties, my feelings came out, but I do not like being emotional in front of people especially when they come out and i can't control them, which is hard if it happens while I am praying at church.

    1. A lot of people hold it in until the job is done.


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