Second Guessing Ordering Coffee

OK so I ordered this and 1 other as they where recommended to me (You will love this Dave). I changed my mind and tried to cancel it. Well that ended up in 1 of the 2 (the other one) being canceled and this one not being as it was already being processed. It's all my fault as I left it 8 hours instead of when I first thought "Maybe next GST month". So no instead of free shipping there is $6 of shipping (almost) and the $15 coffee.

Oh well I'll enjoy the hell out of it and instead of $35 I'm spending like $21(ish). Being GST month I end up with $193.25 more than other months - so it's all good. It's just that I have ordered my supplements and some pop-tarts on a different order (free shipping FTW). I did also spend a great deal on food and drink this last 2 weeks, so there is that.

On the other hand I spent $51 (or so) too much on my phone bill 2 months ago so I was $51(ish) up this month and that almost payed for the whisky (yup that is spelled correctly). So now I got like $280 in the bank left for the month and need to save $20 of subscription fees and I need a bit more coffee (inexpensive kind), Veggies, Butt Paper and some Tomatoes. This will be like $30(ish) so it's all good and I won't have an expense for anything other then that all month. So I'm good.

Still can't help but think "Should have waited till next GST month". Oh well - no regrets I will enjoy the hell out of it - WOOT.


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