Bean Purge Part 2 - Lazy Bean Soup for a Month

 Time for another round of the "bean purge". I am trying to give it a better go this month then for sure next month back to chicken and beans instead of just beans and veggies. You see above a months worth of beans.
 You see here a months worth of soup to use with the beans. Too bad my salt level will be kind of high threw this all, but I'm not willing to go threw soaking the beans every day of my life and so on.
 Here is 2 days worth of bean mix (the old kind with the tomatoes in it instead of the soup).
 OK here is day 1 - Mushroom bean lazy soup stuff.
 OK day 2 - tomato lazy bean soup stuff.
First I fire down this "mini-poutine the size of my head" then I start in with the veggies. I'm really trying not to cheat much this month like I did last month. I mean I has a week long feed of junk food and ended up very much up in weight instead of down. Sigh. Give me strength Lord because I really don't have much of that. I'm setting a goal of 10 LBS this month - last month I set it at 15 and fell short - for a darn good reason - sigh.


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