13 Reasons I Have Been Blocked Over the Years

1 For saying sex feels good.
2 Because the woman was starting to like me more than her husband.
3 For saying I was not sexually attracted to skinny people.
4 For being bisexual.
5 For saying I think Trump sucks.
6 For telling someone sexual assault is not funny.
7 For using the word F**K – this was by a woman who was addicted to sex BTW.
8 Saying the CFL is better than the NFL.
9 For not blocking someone a person stopped being friends with (would not take sides).
10 For saying there is more than one way to God and you don’t need to be a Christian to get into heaven.
11 For saying everyone deserves the same health coverage.
12 For drinking on camera.
13 For saying I hate Apple products.

In all these cases I got either a public or private message bitching out of great length before they blocked me. Nothing says winner like posting a rant then blocking someone LOL.


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