What I Eat Last Week And Planning For Shopping

 Well last week I managed to drop 6 lbs, despite ordering Pizza and having a couple of burgers. You see here a large thin crust with Pepperoni, bacon, jalapenos and banana peppers. The entire thing slathered in extra hot - hot sauce. There was also extra cheese. I exploded most of the next day.
This is home made veggie soup. I had this for 2 days, then went back to the beans and veggies. It was actually kind of good for one of those don't think about it and just toss things into the pot kind of deals.

I get paid on Tuesday (this is Sunday) and I am going back to the beans and veggies twice a day and chicken and veggies for dinner. It's not like I stick to this veggie diet thing after all, so lets just up and get some chicken.

I also want to get some hamburger (beef gives me a headache but I love that stuff so I eat it now and then) and make some super hot chili in the slow cooker. Also want to make lazy cabbage rolls as I have not done that since before Mom died (at least 6 years).

I won't be needing coffee LOL I had lots and lots of it when I went shopping last time and forget and picked up a 1kg can of it. So being I have not opened it yet, there will be enough for next month.

As for butt paper, I have kind of a lot of it - enough for next month, but it's on sale big time and I am going to get 1 or 2 30 packs of it because the sale price is just so dang good and then I will be set for a couple of months.

So my shopping list is (lots of) TP, 2 boxes of Chicken Breasts, 52 cans of pork and beans, 3 2K backs of veggies, some Ground Beef, a Cabbage and a couple of bottles of hot sauce. I already have spice for the chili. Should be less than $180 with the sales that are on right now so that is better than I normally pay. Oh yes, 2 cans of tomato juice and some rice. Almost forgot that. I just need to organize I ride in the next couple or 3 days before the sale is over.

Maybe I will make Goulash instead of cabbage rolls? So maybe pasta instead of rice. In any event that is all for now...


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