Pop-Tart Review AKA Lets Cram These In Our Mouth

 Strawberry was the first one I tied into. I used to love this as a kid and as it was Mom's fave it was the only one we got most of the time. (3/5)
 Cookies and Creme. Well this is my new fave pop-tart of all time. This was amazingly good. In fact it's the best thing other than coffee I've put in my mouth in almost a year. (5/5)
 Chocolate Chip. Well this was Dad's fave back in the day. We did not have it that often though as some how Mom thought that Strawberry was better for us LOL. (4/5)
 Well I got 6 8 pack of these things and thought to myself "this will last me the rest of the month". Sigh. My fat ass has 2 boxes left out of 6 and this is 4 days in. So YUP I eat a box a day. So much for "a treat now and then" - more like "lets shove all these in our mouth and then wonder why we don't feel well". But I've learned I can't be trusted with sugar and NOT get get any more. Next Friday the weigh in will suck I'm sure.


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