Well OOPS AKA Losing Weight Is Hard

So here I am ordering my Hemp Oil and I want some stuff to go with it. Well, I looked and found some coupon codes that where going to expire the next day (3 of them). It allowed you to get the 3 snack foods about for $1 each. Normally they are $2 or $3 each. So I got 6 boxes of Pop-Tarts (3 kinds - box boxes of each kind), 2 4 packs of Coffee Crisp Bars (normal sized - not small ones) and Reese's Pieces bits.

Well I have to say Coffee Crisp is my fave kind of candy bar of all time. The bits are just there because I wanted to try them and the Pop-Tarts, well they just rock. So I say to myself "this will last the rest of the month". I guess I forgot somehow that I literally CAN'T be trusted with sugar. 4 days later there are 2 boxes of Pop-Tarts left and the rest is a distant memory.

I mean I sat there and eat till my tummy hated me. I'm such a weak willed person if I don't eliminate the temptation you see. So I got this plan to never get more of this stuff. That will of course last as long as my memory of this does and that won't be more than a few months - then it's oh look ad-on items.

See last week I lost 7.0 LBS and was happy about it - the fact that that would have been 9 is I did not have that Pizza kind of gives me pause though (large pizza, 4 topping, extra cheese). Now this. I am not going to do well on Friday when I step on the scale. It will be an up not a down I'm sure. I had this hope of losing 10 lbs this month as I was on the bean purge again. I'm kind of sure there might be a 10 lb total drop but with the offset of the up's I will have (2 weeks ago an up as well) I am sure it won't be 10 lbs down.

God I wish I had the ability to just stick to it and not do stupid things. But in the end being the month started with 11.6 lbs up It's kind of not possible for me to drop a total of 10 lbs this month now. After my impressive 7 down I am still up 4.6 in the long run. It will literally be a miracle if I'm not up 3 or more this week.

But over the long term (3 years) I'm down 136 so it's still a win to me. I just think this last year and less than 30 down over it is a bit of a sad point. I have been wildly up and down all year. I need to get back in a good place and stop this crap.

Yes we all need a yummy meal now and then but to oink out for a week non stop on pizza and poutine is not something we should do. To end this blog, I have to say it's the 2nd hardest thing I have ever done trying to lose a lot of weight. It's a constant fight with addiction to food and the temptation of ordering in or tossing junk food in the cart.


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