Ordered Stuff On Amazon

Got a lot of extras this month and will be getting a few more on next Friday. Have to wait for my GST rebate to come in. I got new power bars for the computer and TV. I also got tissue as it's less money than it would be in the store. The hand soup refill is literally half the price of in the store - so I got it. The movie is a want I have had for a while. Pip is Pusheens brother and I just have to have it. I just hope Pip is not a knock off - it happens some times as the sellers are not all honest.

I figured last week I'd have like $200 left over for other things, but I got some extra fun in as well and it will be around $150 I figure. There may or may not be tax on the one item I'm ordering next week, and if not I'll have a bit more left over.

If I do end up with more left over I might get some extra items in - if it shows there will be no tax, I'll go back and ad in some deodorant. I really don't need any for 2 months I figure, but it's a good price and if I have the money, why not get it now rather than later.

BTW I was going to wait to order the first batch with the second batch but the power bars where on discount so I saved $8. That being said I spent a lot more having "extra fun" this month.


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