OK Got these at the dollar tree. Now up here in Canada everything in there is $1.25. There are 6 of them in a pack. The only last 1/3 the time of the energizer ones. So adjusting for needing 3X as many of them in the same time they are about $0.62 per unit. The energizer ones do last 3 times as long but at the best price I have seen they are $0.83 per unit to put in my remote. So it actually does pay to get them at the dollar tree, but only just. If you put in the value of changing them 3 times as much, then you are more than likely better off with the energizer ones. In the USA where it's actually only $1 for them, the unit price is $0.50 BTW (still adjusting for 3X as many of them). But on a side note, "super heavy duty" my ass.


  1. How many time will you be able to charge them before they die or explode lol

    1. They are as safe as any battery but don't last as long as Energizer or other big name brands. I've noticed that most of the discount ones have "heavy duty" stamped on them. For a disposable battery it's not a bad price per use.


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