I think I have enough butt paper for a while. It should at least last me to the end of next month. Actually it should last me to the end of the month after that.

I have a thing with paper products. Butt paper is the strongest urge of them all to get more long before needed. The paper towel will last a hell of a long time as I almost never use it and I have a large amount of napkins I've collected to use in their place.

Tissues I WILL get more when I get paid, I'll be ordering off Amazon next month and if there is no good deals in the flyers when I go shopping, I will order tissue as an ad-on item. It's always a mildly good deal (not the best though).

I actually had kind of a lot of paper when I went and got 3 packs because they where on sale and the limit was 3. It was a very good deal, so I got them. I was going for a different deal, but this one was better per roll.

In any event, yeah I got enough. This reminds me though, someone I know got robbed once and they took the food and paper products not just the laptop and TV. Got to wonder if it was personal, after all who in their right mind steals butt paper and cans of soup?


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