Got The Shopping Done

Did my load of shopping today. Got an entire months worth of the beans and veggies and tomatoes. I did NOT get what I normally get as the fancy ones where only $0.20 more a can than the other ones. This added about $20 to the list, but it will be worth it I hope.

I also got a load of more fancy food for tomorrow and a few treats over the next few days. So it came out to about $191 and change. I budget $200 for a month normally. I been a lot more lucky other months with prices I have to say - but I did NOT wait for the sale as I wanted to just get it over with.

But all in all it's still slightly less than normal. But did not get the hot sauce I like - I got the pussy stuff, so it won't be as hot. Normally if there is no sale at all, I would get in around $200 and NOT have any fancy food. On a GREAT day I can ring in at around $140.


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