Well OOPS. OK I fell off the wagon big time this week. I eat crappy food every day almost. I had Pizza 3 times (large). First time was a "treat" the 2nd time I had found $20 in my jacket pocket (why it was there I don't know) and the 3rd time I had a free one.

Then there was the double cheese burger and a large amount of fries. As well a number of bags of chips and some chocolate. Yup not only did I blow three weeks of dieting, I wasted a bunch of money that could have been used otherwise.

But this is NOT the worst I have done - I was up like 13 lbs one week. I'll get back on plan, I always do. In the long run the trend is down, so this is all that is important.

As for money I have set aside $30 for a friends birthday outing so I can have a meal and a beer or two. I also have everything I need and MORE money on the bills than needed to be on them to carry over a credit for next month (so I can buy something). Coffee money is planed out and I paid back the $20 I owed a friend. So I still have money left over. I might end up going for sushi with a friend on Saturday (not sure yet). But even with that I'll have money left over for the month.

But back to the diet, I'll be on plan now I think. Yes we do fall off the wagon but getting back on is what matters. This being said I have reached my original target and now am going for another target. It seems even when I am on plan it's harder to loose weight now as it was to start with (this is normal), so it's slow going.

I find it interesting as hell that for decades I kept saying "I tried everything and can't lose weight". Then the doctor said "you might be dead in a year or two if you don't fix things" and all the sudden I lost 70 lbs in the first year. So it's doable ain't it? Yes I DO realize there are people out there who literally can't lose weight for one reason or the other - just saying most of the time they can.

BTW, 80% of the time I'm awake I'm hungry. I'm on two different meds that do this to me. Strange thing is the other 20% of the time I'm not hungry at all. This can last 2 days BTW. So I tend to eat at the time I set aside to eat.

Beans... I eat a great deal of beans and have the same thing 3 times a day every day of my life (when I'm on plan). Spice is the key - change up the spice a bit and then you end up not getting tired as hell of it. This is kind of extreme to some people, but for people like me with not much money - it's a low budget way to lose a lot of weight. After all eating healthy and low calorie is expensive as hell if you want verity. I simply can't afford to eat fresh veggies for example.

Meat is also a lot of money - so for the high protein I need for this diet I use beans. It's called "The Bean Diet". You can look for it - others have talked about it. I've got a few people onto it now and they are losing as well. I do now and then toss in a piece of chicken (boneless skinless) into the mix. But not often - I also gave up on the bulk chicken breasts as they are extremely high in salt.

So yeah, I can do this. I will do this. I will make my new target... Eventually.


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