First off I forgot to get a photo of the food, so here is my awesome face to look at.

The cabbage roll dinner consists of  a good share of perogies, 2 cabbage roll of average size and 2 smokes sausages (smokies).

The sausage was a bit on the over done side, so was the cabbage rolls. I'm kind of sure they where sitting in a warmer all day until I got there later in the evening to eat. That being said, they tasted great and well almost every time I've had cabbage rolls out and about, they where over cooked. The perogies where perfect, boiled then fried - just like they should be and NOT too long in the pan. The onions where cooked just right as well but there could have been twice as many of them if you ask me.

The size of the meal is a bit large for my average feed these days, but it's average for an on the town meal.

The price was a bit more than most things on the menu though. You can literally eat there for half the price I paid, but I wanted a meal that made me think of home.

The girl at the till seemed to think we where all over 55 as well. LOL. Don't be adding 4 years to my age HEHE. I do like that the offer a discount to the over 55 folks though.

Service was good and they kept the coffee filled. I was generally happy with the meal and I give it a 4/5 - honestly that would have been a perfect score if it was not over done.


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