The other night I was having issues with cramping all over my body and could not sleep. I was also having my typical fibro flair and had a headache from hell with it and pain in my back, neck and chest (no not heart, chest muscles).

So I put on the music and sat there for about 2 hours listening to old music from my younger days and trying to become tired enough to sleep.

Eventually I did get tired enough, but it was a broken sleep.
This is why I pay money to have YouTube music uninterrupted. I can go for hours and not have to have my mind distracted by adverts. I also pay the extra $2 to get YouTube Premium so I don't get ads on the YT app and get the original content they have provided for the service.

I used to have a service called CRAVE TV that was $10.99 and I ditched it when they took away a lot of shows I wanted to watch for some stupid reason. so for $11.99 I get YouTube premium and it includes the Music portion with it.

The ability to have it play in the background is also a great thing for me, as I can hit Facebook when listening to a Vlog or some music. The ability to download songs and videos to the device to watch offline I also like.

I know I said a while back I was going to ditch it and live with the ads, but I figured since Crave pissed me off and I tossed it, why not keep it.

Being that literally 99% of my video watching and 100% of my music listening is on the phone or tablet, this is a good deal to me. Yes on the PC you can run Adblock Plus not have the ads, but ad blockers for the phone are very much in the NOT SAFE side of things as they want root access (never give anything that).

I can't take my PC into the bedroom or the bathroom and still listen or watch a Vlog. As well sitting in my recliner is the way to be as sitting at the PC for long gives me a very bad back pain and leg pain. So for most of the blogs I post, it's on the tablet in my easy chair. This one is actually on the PC as I'm rendering something in the background right now. The others posted today where on the tablet.

In any event, yeah I love the service and recommend it. They song data base is the largest and they have things other services never even heard of. We don't have YouTube TV (their version of cable) up here in Canada or I might just look into it as well. Cable up here is a big amount of money and so is unlimited internet that has any good upload speed to it. We get hosed on smart phone plans as well BTW (some of the worst prices on earth). Anyway, it's free to try and I'm liking some of the original content - so give it a go. As well some of the big names have content ONLY for paid subscribers and this covers that.


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