At the time I ordered this it was the "large Pusheen". Now there is one the size of a sofa LOL. I've got a big head and this is my hat, it fits Pusheen well - so it's a big stuffed toy.

I originally had to order this toy from the USA and with exchange, an absurd amount of shipping and $8 to the dang government to get it over the border made it almost $80 at the time. But then I had more money than I do now and wanted it really bad. Now this would not be justifiable.

That dang coffee cup set me back $22 after shipping if I remember. But once again, just had to have it.

She was billed as a "12 inch" Pusheen but I'm kind of sure this is more than 12 inches. I'm actually not going to try and fine my tape to measure it though.

Had a good LOL onetime on Amazon as they had the "6 inch Pusheen Plush" on sale there - this was actually the title BTW. One review was "1 star - was smaller than I expected". God you just have to wonder some times.


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