OK then, I'm into the coffee. I mixed the last of the "Kick Ass" coffee with the rest of the "Full City Dark Roast" I had from last month and now I have at least a weeks worth left over. The combination of the 2 seems to be very pleasant to my taste buds.

I got a large can of "Full City Dark Roast" when I went shopping and now I should carry may most of the way into next month. Will only have to get a small bag of it to top me off till the end of next October.

Nabob is what I normally get after all (and what I got). It's more money than the store brand and things like Folgers. Both the store brand coffee and Folgers seem to upset my tummy and with stories of people ending up in the hospital after drinking Folgers, I don't think I'll be getting any ever.

My brand is about half again the price of the store brand but I love this stuff. Dark roast seems to give several people I know tummy issues as in acid reflux, but I never get that from it (just from the discount brands). Dark coffee does not have the kick of a lighter coffee, but I like the strong taste.

I have to say coffee is my greatest pleasure in regards to a daily item. The idea of decaf is just not something I want to talk about, that stuff is terrible. I have seen MANY brands say "tastes just like the real thing" and never once had it tasted anything close to normal coffee.

The other thing is, it don't keep me up at night. I don't know why, but coffee does not keep me awake any longer than I would be without it. I've tried going a week with no coffee and my sleep was just as bad as with coffee. The only thing I got out of that week was a constant headache.

In any event, I love me a cup of coffee.


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