Labour Day is Over, Lets Start Decorating for Halloween

Labour day is over, lets start decorating for Halloween. I know the stores had stuff out like a month ago - but I thought I'd wait for a after the long weekend to get my shopping done LOL.

I love Halloween - It's the ONLY holiday I do like. For some reason I like it 10X more now then when I was a kid.

Also next shopping trip need to get 2 or 3 bags of candy to put in the box downstairs. We put together bags for the kids that come here and there is a good haul of stuff in the bags - it's a lunch bag stuffed to the rafters.

I don't do the door thing as often I go out that night with friends - but I have watched them for a while when waiting for a ride. It's wonderful to see the kids come in and get the candy - the costumes are always fun and the look of joy is a lot more fun.

I have to say I'm actually glad I never had kids, but I do like to watch people with kids now and then. For example I watch a couple of family vloggers on YouTube. But I don't think I would have liked the massive pain in the ass it has to be to raise kids. Then again, maybe if I did have kids I'd have loved it - I'm just guessing at this point as I have to reference point.

When I was a kid I often had the donation box with me for some charity. It's strange, but I don't remember what the heck it was. I did it along with the trick or treating for many years and can't recall. I do remember fondly going out with my friends and doing the rounds.

I have to say it's interesting as more people here decorate for Halloween than for Christmas now. It seems Christmas is starting to fade from popularity in my community. Speaking of Christmas, I tend to watch horror films all day and eat cabbage rolls for that one.

In any event, I think I enjoy watching people on Halloween more than I enjoyed it as a kid. BTW I don't actually decorate, I don't see the point as no one ever comes over. But I would actually LOVE a skull to have out all year round - can't find one for the price I want to pay.

P.S. Queens English (UK Spelling) us used in Canada, so it's not spelled wrong LOL.


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