Weight Loss For The Week

Well here it is - I went off the rails in the last days of this week and today I fell full off the cliff. I had this double cheese burger I literally could not get in my mouth. OMFG it was good, but yeah it was 2 days of calories.

Yesterday I had a big ass thing of sushi and well, that is mostly carbs. I also had a large pulled pork sub in the last couple days. Then there was the 26 of whiskey I drank in 3 days. So yeah. Next week might not be great either.

That being said, I'm impressed it was only up 1 lb.

Right now I'm cooking a mess of sausage chili for tomorrow. This won't be great for me and I'm sure come Sunday I'll be about ready to die. Might just end up missing coffee over it. We all know what happens when we eat a tone of spice now don't we?

Oh well I plan to do my best the rest of them month, but yeah - said that before. I'm hoping I got it out of my system.


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