Jalapeno Poppers FTW

Jalapeno Poppers are one of the greatest joys in the world I think. These things are AWESOME. These particular ones have Jalapeno Jack cheese in them. It's just good. The best I think I ever had was blue cheese in them, but it's a bit strange for texture to most people. A perfect snack time will have these units and some garlic stuffed olives and some onion rings (bear battered).

The only thing is, my tummy don't really like deep fried anything anymore. So it gave me issues. See I keep forgetting I'm broken and can't just eat stuff I love any more. Oh well. It was worth it for the joy it gave me.

These ones where given to me by a friend BTW. They where from Pizza Pizza and quite good. There was also a Salad that was mildly good.


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