In Memory Of My Dad

 Long service medal
 Long service medal
 Moose Jaw Police Detectives Office Date Not Known
 North Battleford Police Date Not Known
Moose Jaw Police Late 1980's

My father Morris Nicholson was a police officer for 38 years of his life. Before that he was a gunner in the Canadian Army. He spent the majority of this life in service to his country or community. He was a charitable man to a fault. On any given month around 20% of his income was given to charity or spent getting things for needy people on the spot. I did not know this until many years after he died and that made me even more proud of him.

He was the model for my life. The best thing he gave me was the ability to feel compassion for others and the desire to help. He never strayed from the path of the good citizen and never strayed from the path of marriage. His staying deeply in love with my Mom until his death taught be to hold dear to those I loved.

This post is to the fond memory of my Dad. You where my hero.


  1. I worked with Morris in Moose Jaw PD; a good guy. I wondered what became of him so I done a google search.


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