There is Giving and There is Saying

I like how many times people want to "donate" then when you give them the link to do it, they don't follow up. Seems people on the internet are primarily out to be seen as helping. This is very much the case in several things I have shared for other people and myself. In one case no less than 9 people said they would and the amount on the gofundme was the same a month later. As well it seems the more people really do need money as in for medical reason, the less likely people are to donate to them. Likewise, the more frivolous the fundraiser the more likely they are to get donations. On a side note, the ones who do tend to give actually NEVER say they will - they just do it. A good example was my Dad - I had not one clue how much money and time he gave to charity when he was alive, it was years after his death I found out.


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