The Dave That Was Me

 2000's Don't worry it's an air pistol. BTW NEVER hold a real gun with your finger on the trigger - it's not safe.
 1980's Rebellious me
 1980's Security guard me
 1990's Pet owner me
1990's Going to a wedding me - there was a vest with this as well, but I did not have it on in this shot. Suit was tailored for me and at the time was almost $500 - so today it would be over the top - but I was a painter then and made good money. Still had the thing on literally 4 times (3 with the vest on) - so over $100 a time LOL.

In my day I was a cook, a dish washer, a carpet cleaner, a painter, general labourer, grounds keeper, the guy who tested water quality, sales man (twice), data entry dude, security guard and advertising layout guy - Oh I almost forgot I was a printer for 3 months. I'm sure I am forgetting a few small short term things, but of well.

The longest relationship I was in was 3 months. I never had the joy of a long term partner or kids. I won't go into more detail as it would take far too long, but I have had many adventures in the day including living in a car for 2 weeks in the Big Easy in 1986. Anyhow, I've lived a good life and have no big regrets. So have a good one all and keep smiling :)


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