Reading Tag Questions Off My Tablet

I do a lot of tag videos on my other channel. I tend to have the questions in Google Docs and read them off my tablet these days as I find it more easy than printed on paper. It's also how I read books, as I have the kindle app on my tablet. Tend to put on the headphones and watch YouTube late at night when I can't sleep as well. I paid $69 for it on sale and it's a low end tablet, but I don't have many apps on it and don't play games - it's only for watching videos and reading. Well I do some music listening as well some days - but more often I do that off my phone. In any event - unless you need a powerful tablet that runs fancy apps, a low end model like this Acer will do just fine - It is great for kids - just might want to get a smaller one for the kids, this is 10.1 inches.


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