Hot and Cold at the Same Time (Fibromyalgia)

I'm feeling a sensation I do not enjoy and have been feeling for many years. That being cold and hot at the same time. Yes that sounds impossible yet here I am.

I can feel the heating washing me in waves of heat. Yet, my hands, feet and head feel ice cold to the point of it being painful. It's like when you grab a hand rail in the dead of winter with no gloves on - that kind of feeling.

I know others with Fibro feel the same thing but it's not been explained to me how this happens. I've looked it up and can't find anything that fits my situation.

There are all kinds of things about low blood pressure although when this happens my BP does not drop. As well there is what happens to people who are diabetic and after they eat or if they need to eat, they feel cold hands and feet. Well my blood sugars have always been normal.

At one time I thought it was the heating in my building. Then I came to realize that it happened in other places and after moving 2 times since this started, it can't be the heating. The time of day is always evening when it happens so I turn up the heat so I don't feel uncomfortable. By morning the sensation will have gone and it is very hot in here as I turned up the heat and I have to turn it down.

The other thing is, as soon as it happens my fingers prune up like when you are severely dehydrated. Yet I have had 5 large glasses of water today, so it can't be that. Dehydration can make you feel cold BTW.

The added thing is, when I was more heavy than I am now it was less prevalent. The more weight I drop the more it happens. This is normal of people losing weight to feel the cold and the hot more than before. But it's localized to my hands, feet and head, so I don't get it.

There is also a tingling feeling in the hands and feet - this is also a sign of being diabetic, yet the blood sugar is texted every 6 months and has always been normal. So I really don't get this. In fact it would be a lot more understandable if I was cold all over and not just in some places.

One last thing is my skin gets more sensitive when this happens. I feel my clothing more than when this is not happening and the sensation of wind blowing on me is heightened when it is happening. It is almost to the point where everything is overloading my nerves. It has happened to the point of being painful all over my body and even being dressed causes a sensation of pain. That is very rare though and has not happened in years now.

In any even if you have Fibro and this happens to you let me know and if you have any idea of how this comes about happening, also let me know. Peace and hugs...

P.S. I have tried not having coffee to see if it had anything to do with that and after 5 days of no coffee all I got was pissy and the sensation never stopped happening. I learned that I am a nice person because of coffee and never take it away from me! LOL.


  1. God... the more I hear about fibro symptoms the more i wonder if it is the mysterious illness that is stealing away my lifeforce. I used to think they were medication side effects. Do you have sudden outbreaks of discolored skin that clears up if you apply heat? I usually end up in a hot bath until the blotchiness goes away. Do you have sweaty hands despite being cold? Just wondering. I hope you feel better as you're adjusting to the weather getting cold fast!

    1. Yes I swear in the cold and I get red spots for no reason. Also itchy all over that is hellish. And massive muscle and joint pain.


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