Dec 13th 2017 in photos.

 Did the laundry and sat in the reading room just off the laundry room and played on my phone while I waited.
 No idea why this is hanging there, someone must have forgotten it after they let it air dry.
 Again no idea why this is there.
 My laundry bad and soap (co-op gold)
 Saw this when to call 911 card sitting in the reading room - I read it over and put it back.
 Moose Jaw Housing is part of Saskatchewan Housing and there are the ones who put up this building and several others in town for disadvantaged people. Mine is for seniors and the disabled.
 I had walked past this little table literally 100 times and not noticed it. The puzzle that makes up the picture is inlaid in the table top - it's perfect work. I found it very interesting.
 This was by the label above. I would imagine it's locked - did not try. I did try the door on the "hobby room" as I don't recall anyone even mentioning it to me. I wonder if it's used anymore?
The bottom of the stairs that go all the way up the building. There is a fire door on the main floor and the alarm goes off if it's opened. The last time the alarm went off it was from someone going out that door and NOT closing it behind them. There is stairs on the other side of the building as well. Being that when the alarm goes off the elevators go to the 1st floor and lock open - you have to use the stairs.


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