Not So Shinny Happy Thoughts

For the love of all things that we can possess and the hatred of all things that live, we destroy empires and the hopes and dreams of our children. We drive the darkness into the minds of the young with waves of social media chatter. A night of long divided souls clashing for a single coin. This is what we are.

A deeply disturbed essence of madness and the desire to crush those who come before us with a different dream. The banner of a million guns and the power to destroy a world. We call forth the depths of hell in the name of freedom wrapped in the illusion of humanity and compassion.

There is nothing more absurd than humanity. We wish ourselves to be the panicle of all things that exist and we are the stuff on the boots of those who are lost to the Walmart’s of this world. In the groaning sickness that is our economy we send people to die in the snow while we sit in front of a flat screen TV and drink beer and stuff our faces with junk food that makes us fat.

For a time we sit and pray to the Gods that we created in a hope that all will be peace then we load the guns of oppression and call forth the darkness on the third world for our toys. We feed the factory’s the minds and hears of our young so that we can grow money instead of trees. We plant parking lots instead of crops. We have the ability to feed the entire world on what we spend in a week on useless things.

We are the night and we are the darkness that calls it’s self the light. We are Gods and we are Devils. We are swords of justice only in the delusions of freedom. We are kindness abandoned for a hope of a bigger home. The mindless entertainment and ooze of fake news we feed on destroys our minds. We are the cart before the horse and we don’t even know it. Humanity is nothing more than a virus.


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