Semi-Vegan Bean Purge Week 1

Well the "semi-vegan" bean purge is going well. I fell off the wagon on Tuesday and had a bacon cheese burger (and it freaking rocked). But other then that I stuck to it and the result was a 5.6 lb drop in weight. WOOT.

My goal for the month was 15 lbs down in the time frame of the month... I did however have sugar for cheat day (Friday is cheat day). Fortunately I don't actually have the money to go all out and order in or eat out for the rest of the month, so I should stay more on track than this week.

Next month it's back to the beans and veggies twice a day and chicken and veggies for dinner. Might actually end up doing chicken chili some of those days and when that happens it will be all 3 meals for the day.

You do get a lot of looks when you load 60 cans of beans in the cart BTW. The other thing is, the bean and veggie thing goes threw your tummy fast and leaves you feeling hungry sooner then if you eat meat. If I was to eat the same amount of calories with meat, it would stick around longer and I would not feel as hungry.

Here is the other deal, today is fine but - there are days when I feel hungry even if I just eat until I feel sick. Other days I don't feel hungry at all. My brain does not work right so I don't get the right triggers as to hunger. This is one reason (of many) why I got to be 498 lbs at my worst.

This is NOT blaming my folks as I know they loved me but... My parents used to make me finish what was on my plate. They both where raised in situations where food was not always in great supply and they where trained that it was a sin against God (I'm not kidding) to waste food. They tried to pass that onto me and even if I was full they said - "finish it or you don't leave the table".

From this made to eat too much the ability for my brain to know when I was full went away and was replaced with the feeling of being filled to capacity with food.

Later in life (possibly due to medication I take) my brain started to get confused as to the feeling of hunger. I do however know once again when I have had enough food, even though this took a couple of years to learn again.

So now I just have to listen to my body when it says "enough" and not go by 20 years of training by my parents...

In any event - have a good one all.


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