Christmas Letter 2017

Hay there. So, for those that dont know, I am in a nice new apartment. It is for seniors and the disabled. Thank God, its sponsored because after the cuts of disability that $207 less a month would have left very little after rent even in a not so nice to be in place.
The people here are for the most part friendly and you can always get into a game of cards in the afternoons. After a change in medication I was no longer needing to get a cleaner in and that saved some valuable cash as well.

Not to combat the Fibromyalgia I am taking Manitoba Harvest Hemp Seed Oil twice a day. They are large tabs, but they do something. For a while I thought they had stopped working but I was just having a flair. It cuts the pain down by 60% to 80% depending on the day. When I was in my last flair it cut the pain in half from what I normally get.

The heart doctor has fixed me up rather well. There is a test where you see how far you can walk in 6 minutes. Well I managed to get 380 meters. That is a long way for someone in my shape to travel in that short a time. Before the Entresto (medication) I was only able to walk 1 block before I needed to stop now I can get 4 blocks before resting.

I have not heard anything from my brother in over a year now. The had him in a care home and they moved him some place and I have no idea where he is. Rather than call every place in Alberta I tried to get hold of his son and had no reply from him. So, I have no idea where he is now.

Well this is the season for sharing and I get sent nice cards and gifts from friends all over the world and I feel bad in a way for not being able to send more than this letter out to people. But for my friends online you know I care and Im there for you so that is what I can give.

Well I will sign off now and let you get back to other things. Have a great holiday and enjoy the new year. Peace and Love always Dave S. Nicholson.


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