Pusheenicorn 1 and 2

Pusheenicorn has a sister. My good friend sent me another of the kind. Yeah the new one looks a bit rough, but she just needs to decompress from being stuffed in a box and well a bit of smoothing out the fur. the one on the left looked about the same when she first got pulled out of a box. I did notice however that their faces are different. They are oh so freaking cute though I tell you. Who in their right mind can resist Pusheen? Only the most evil among us don't like her.

Someone asked me if I had names for them. Well Pusheenicorn 1 and 2 I guess. All the others are a certain type and have no duplicates. I tend to call them by the type as in "cookie Pusheen" or "Cool Pusheen". Besides I won't remember the names if I give them one. I named the non Pusheen plush toys and I got no idea what the hell their names are - just the cow being Jasmine... The others I got no clue as to their long lost names.

I really have to stop getting more, I literally have run out of room to put them. If I got more I would have to also get a shelf unit to put them on. Although that is an idea, it's an expensive one - I mean a cheep shelf is a bit much for me. Maybe a second hand one at a yard sale some day... Hmmm more Pusheens toys...


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