Christmas Dinner

Alright then, this was Christmas Dinner. I cooked up some ham in the slow cooker with tomatoes (and tomato juice) and topped it with some luxury hot sauce (forget the name) and tomatoes from the slow cooker. There was also cabbage rolls and corn to feed on.

The 2nd helping was way more corn and another cabbage roll. They are the beef and rice kind (mostly beef). There was 3 left over for the 26th and a pile of ham left.

There was also 4 kinds of pickles to be eaten.

This was the first year in my entire life there was no candy, chocolates or nuts out to be munched on over the holidays. I tried to offset the large amount of food I eat this last week by doing that.

Now I'm back to the bean mix for the most part until I go shopping. I will then be back to bean mix only 2 times a day and chicken the main meal (with veggies).


  1. you are doing really well taking control like this. I know how hard it is and I need to work on my portions. I wish you much success sooo very awesone!

  2. Thanks. It's a struggle and the junk food is the weak spot.


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