And an APC Left In a Parking Lot

So spotted an APC on it's way off to some place that is not here. We don't have any here and if it was for here they would have gone the extra 4 blocks to where it would be living.

Now I don't know about the country you live in, but do people leave army vehicles just sitting in an open parking lot where you are from? Shows how different Canada is - they don't think anyone is going to mess with it or hall it off to the farm to wait for the revolution I guess.

At least there was no 50 cal sitting on it. I remember in the 80's they left one WITH a 50 on it sitting on the side of the service road one day while they went in for dinner. LOL that is a bit too trusting - I am not a military guy, but I'm willing to bet it would not have been hard to up and take off with it for some nut job.


  1. I'll bet somebody would be in hot water over that. I can't imagine a commander being happy with it sitting unsecured where it is. I belongs at an armory in a military base.


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