When Good Intentions Turn to Damage Control

Well forgot to cook so I used it as a bad excuse to get this. It will also be my midnight snack as there is no way I can eat more than 1/2 of a large pizza now. Thing was this time 4 years ago I could eat the entire thing - go figure.

Now after the $3 and some comes out from PayPal for the clip art I got (yes I paid for it, I know silly huh), I will literally have $19 left.

This could be an issue if I had something to get, but I don't need anything at all, so it's all good. I have more than enough veggies and all my Christmas day food so ya know. BUT after next Friday I'ma have only a few bucks left. See there is a burger buffet - YUP all you can eat burgers and you build your own. There is also wings and sausage and salad - but who the crap will eat salad when you have all you can eat burgers.

This is also the reason the 15 lb weight loss goal I put forth at the start of the month for December is going to be about toast. Yup too much cheating already and with this coming up AND Christmas day oink-a-thon, it's not going to go well. Still maybe with luck I'll be down 5 or 6 compared to the start of the month. God I hope so... But if not oh well.

LOL so putting myself threw the all vegetarian diet for 90% of the month will end up not being a weight loss purge, but a counteraction to the Christmas time oinking I been doing. But I'll take it... After all I went up 1.4 lbs last December doing the exact same thing - I kind of sure other Decembers where an atrocity - so lets just call this good intentioned damage control HA. Yeah that sounds good.

Remember - cookies are Vegetation (not vegan though)... So is candy... Also life is too short not to feast on Christmas day - and cookies are mandatory on the holidays... Unless you are offended by the holidays then you can eat freaking leaves and leave the rest of humanity alone.


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