25 Videos Recorded in One Day

So I went on a tag video spree LOL. I recorded 25 in one sitting (OK 2 sittings, I got up to get more coffee once).

I set them to go live 2 at a time until the 15th. I did not want to flood the channel with them. Sure all the people subbed there actually like tag videos and the ones who actually watch any of them have been watching me for years, but this would be a bother in 1 day I think.

In any event 22 of the 25 tags where from a group of 220 questions that where supposed to be a 220 question tag over on Tumblr. The thing is, there where many repeat questions so I broke them into groups of 10. Besides, who wants to watch a 40 minute video of a guy answering questions?

In any event, you can see my tag videos HERE. If you are interested in seeing some old dude vlog every day of his boring life, then try HERE.


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