3 Movies I Thought Sucked

This will be a quick one. The first 2 are supposed to be some kind of modern remake of very old movies. I don't know if they where trying to make the worst movie they could, but to me they sucked worse that an ice storm in July.

#1 The Forbidden Room - This was a supposed remake of a 1919 film. Well it was to say the least an atrocity to my way of thinking. I'm sure though some people would call this art, sorry if you think it is - but I'm not willing to call this nonsense art.

#2 The Saddest Music in the World - Now I have my suspicion that #1 was trying hard to be WORSE than this dang thing they called a movie. Now I get that they where trying to make some kind of artistic comedy here, but the entire time I sat there wondering why the hell this was ever allowed to be aired.

#3 My Winnipeg - This to me was the worst of the 3 and I don't even have the right words to describe it to you properly. All I can say is if this put them back more than $5000 when they made it, it was a total waste of money.

But what do I know most people think classic style vlogging is a terrible waste of time to watch and I vlog in the classic style every day of my life. Anyway, if you have a terrible movie to share - tell me in the comments will ya?


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