New YT Interface But Still Broken

OK there it is - STILL got 22 phantom things in the "held for review" box. There has never been any filters set so this should not happen. As you see there is nothing in the  actual box, so I got no clue. It's like all the times I had people set to ALWAYS APPROVE show up in the spam box.

Not to mention the nicest person on YouTube just got booted off for commenting too much. Sigh - I did not know this could happen. Yet there are people who ONLY post spam trying to get you to their channel to give them a view or 2 and nothing ever happens to them. Sigh.

Another friend got booted because of "violation of community guidelines". They never explained what the hell he did and being that he was completely family friendly, I don't get it at all. I know he had a music strike a while ago, but what the hell?

Then we get people who contently post attack videos and do things like make threats and nothing ever happens to them at all. Not to mention I just ran into a 10 year old video of someone having sex - got to be a TOS violation of some kind. It had 80,000+ views so you can't tell me no one ever flagged it.

Yup seems in their hurry to be a kids entertainment hub they have pushed out or punted a lot of people. Sigh - But this is how massive sites work, no one is actually monitoring anything - it's all bots doing things and you have no say.

Lets not forget a comment someone I know posted that got him punted because he called someone a name that is not friendly - yet there are people who tell people to kill themselves and get away with it for years and years. Yup - it all works so well.


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